C-ITS Platform:

Centralized manager for C-V2X communication.


The C-ITS Platform is a central vehicle-to-everything (V2X) management system for road operators and traffic managers running Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS).

The C-ITS Platform allows road operators to easily configure several C-ITS use cases. It serves as a data hub, collecting information from traffic information centres and automatically dispatching warning messages to the appropriate RSU (Road-Side Unit).

An onboard application allows the testing and visualization of the C-ITS warning messages configured in the C-ITS Platform.


  • Compatible with communication standards ITS G5 and 3GPP C-V2X (PC5).
  • Hardware agnostic - designed as RSU and OBU vendor independent.
  • Aggregate data from RSUs, vehicles and traffic management centers.
  • Create and transfer message content.
  • Trigger events manually or automatically based on established criteria.
  • RSU remote monitoring, fault management service and middleware update.
  • Store data in a central, secure location.
  • Access on any device and browser with internet access.
  • On-board unit application, receive, analyse and display messages in vehicles.
  • User-friendly web application with geographical representation of the concerned road section with all the RSUs units and its status, outgoing messages, system reports, etc.
  • API that allows integration of 3rd party data sources such as traffic management systems.
  • Highly scalable: RSUs can be easily added using a plugin mechanism. 

The C-ITS Platform manages the communication between vehicles, infrastructure and road users.

C-ITS services

The C-ITS Platform comes with several C-ITS use cases deployed using both CAM and DENM messages and following the most recent worldwide ITS standards.

  • Emergency vehicle approaching
  • Slow or stationary vehicle(s)
  • Traffic jam ahead warning
  • Hazardous location notification
  • Road Works Warning
  • Weather conditions Warning
  • In-vehicle signage
  • In-vehicle speed limits
  • Probe vehicle data
  • Park & Ride information
  • Information on AFV fuelling & charging stations
  • Traffic information and smart routing
  • Loading zone management
  • See-through cooperative vehicles (V2V)
  • Customized C-ITS services
C-ITS services

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